Best ROM For Samsung Galaxy Y (Chobits Digitalis ROM)

A New Rom For Samsung galaxy Y Has been created ChobitsDigitalis Rom for those who want ot go to the thread of this rom just go to this link  Support Thread  Link:

What's in it:
+ Fast, Stable and Beautiful
+ Deodexed APKs; Reindexed
+ Zipaligned; Batch Optimized
+ Cyan Themed UI;Skinned Apps
+ Go Launcher EX as default home launcher
+ Superuser Access; Busybox Support
+ Supports Dartktremor's A2sd; Init.d scripts
+ Compatible with V6 Supercharger
+ Google Music; Gingerbread Keyboard; Swype
+ Fixed xLoud; Beats Audio; Bravia Engine Port
+ Build.prop tweaks; Boot Animation with Sound

Added Features:

+ Listnote; Fast Reboot; Where's My Droid?
+ Quick Settings; 14 Toggles by lidroid rom
+ Alarm Droid and more to come!

Installation Instructions:

- Boot in Stock Recovery
(hold Volume up + HOME + Power Button Simultaneously)

- Select "wipe data/factory reset" proceed to "YES"

- Select "cache partition"

- Select "apply update from sdcard"

- Select ""

- Reboot your phone.

- First Boot will take 2-3 minutes to initialize,
your phone will vibrate and will continue to load.

-Once it fully loaded, tap "Menu + Preferences + Backup/Restore + Reset to default"
(this steps ensure that you have the default desk settings loaded)

-Enjoy this ChobitsDigitalisV1 Full Version!



RECOMMENDED: Please do a nandroid backup via CWM; have an odinable package ready to flash in case something goes wrong

Flash via stock recovery or CWM. DO NOT WIPE/CLEAR.
(From Version 1. Reboot then directly flash this update.)

Version 1.8 : here

What's New:

+ Lag Fix / Equalizers Force Close Fix
+ init.d Support (runs at startup via busybox/scriptmanager) IMPORTANT: Setup for Script Manager found here
+ Chobits NitroSpeed (no need to add tweaks eg. V6supercharger,st@matis, adrenaline, etc.)
+ kernel, 3g, wifi, net, memory, battery, etc. tweak integration
+ Random Boot Animation (random boot if init.d is ran via scriptmanager)
+ Script Manager 1.9.2 apk in sdcard
+ Swipe to Remove Implementation
+ CSC Modification
+ Multilanguage Support
(When flashing new skin/themes, languages will revert back to default. Please use the multilanguage skins patch.)
+ Touchscreen Update Fix
+ Wifi Fix / Global GPS Boost
+ Added Default Samsung Keyboard
+ App Widget Picker
+ Built-in Ads Blocker
+ CSC for European Countries
+ Fonts Pre-installed
+ Change Build.prop Tweaks
+ Removed Touchwiz Launcher (search thread for launcher installers to replace default)
+ Google Play Store; Google Search Updates; Font Reset
+ Full Bravia Engine Port; Fix Xloud; Beats Integration; Dalvik Heap Change
+ Addons: Notification Toggle (highly customizable; can add app shortcuts)
+ LCD Density Changer for bigger screen space(mine is set to 99; FM radio only works at 110-120 density)
+ some UI optimizations; changed default lockscreen wallpaper

5 debugging steps to check if this update works:

1. It successfully booted.
2. Check the data and sdcard and find these files/folder:sdcard/RUN INIT.D SCRIPTS/Run and sdcard/RUN INIT.D SCRIPTS/
3. After running script using Script manager, check /data/local/tmp/init.d_log_test.txt if it is generated. Open the file, it should say: "ChobitsdigitalisV2 NitroSpeed successfully applied!"
4. Reboot. Check if Boot animation is randomly changed.
5. Check all added apps/mod if it is working.



Due to compatibility issue with modified kernels this is a tutorial to make scripts to work at runtime.

1. Install found at "\sdcard\RUN INIT.D SCRIPTS\".
2. Open the program and configure "Browse as root"
3. Browse to "sdcard/RUN INIT.D SCRIPTS/" select "Run" (you can move it to your "system/etc" area if you want to swap sdcards.)
4. tap on the "su", "run at boot" and "favorite" icons, see image below.

5. Reboot. ChobitsDigitalis scripts will now run at start-up.


SharinganMOD Theme: here


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