V6 Super Charger For Samsung Galaxy Y

V6 Supercharger w/ Optimal Config for Samsung Galaxy Y

Frequently ask question

What does it do?
It makes your phone FAST... super snappy with better multitasking!
It rearranges and fixes the OOM Groupings and Priorites and lowmemorykiller values.
NO LAUNCHER REDRAWS, faster than ever, multitasking is better... why?
Because it works with the lowmemorykiller and letting it work the way it's meant to work.

Requirements :

1. MUST BE Rooted

2. Busybox Installer -Busybox installer Download

Pick the 1.18.2 since it is the version where the author recommends.

2. Script Manager - Download Here

4. 3rd Party Keyboard (Any Key Board Wag lang ung Samsung Key Board / Stock Keyboard)

5. V6 Supercharger V9RC5 Script -Download here

download then paste to the root of your sd

Instructions : 

1. Run Script Manager. Press MENU then MORE and Advance Options then Config. CHECK Browser as root and press back.

2. Locate where is the script in your SDcard. Press then click the SU image, if its green, you're
good to go. Press RUN
step 2 

.2.1 for first time user you will ask if you will use build.prop or create data/local prop Just press enter key

2.2 set the scroolling Speed into 1 /fast


2.3you will ask if do you want to system integrate say Yes


2.4 You Will Ask if you want to disable animation "AWESOME"-> Just say Yes para di na Pakita Ung Animation nG V6 Ung parang Loading Ng V6 pero kung gusto nyo parin may ganun just say NO

3. Wait til the status check is over, when you are given a choices if Home Locked in Memory, Just say NO.(minsan eto nauuna bago dun sa option no. 2

4. Press Enter Key if it states Press Return Key.( Using your 3rd Party Keyboard)

5. Now you are given choices from 1-31. Input 7 for Agressive UnLedded. It means, when you press HOME in your key, your apps are automatically put in a sleep state, or should i say, in quite mode, where it will use a little RAM only.
eto lalabas pag natapos mo na


6. You can also choose 5 & 6 according to your preference.

7. Then After that you will need to reboot, but NOT YET. If it tells you to press Y for Superclean, Press N or any Key Pag tapos nyan pupunta kau uli sa option 1-31


8. Then Press 31 to Exit the Script and Kill.

9. Press back on your Script Manager to go to Internal Memory. Go to data/99SuperCharger.Sh. (To access here just press the back key 2 times then go to data folder and you will see 99SuperCharger.sh

10. Click it, and Check SU and Boot. If Green and Blue icons are up you're good. Tap Save and go back to the Step 2.

11. Just Say No if its about Locked Homescreen. Then after your given again choices in 1-31. Press 20 for Nitro Lag Nullifier. This trick will further boost you're phone and become snappy.Pag na Press mo na ung option no 20 eto tatanong Sayo Just Press I for install


12. After that, pick again and type 30 for Superclean & Restart. This is for the changes to take effect. Just Say Yes

13. After your done restarting your phone. Again, run the script to see if the changes take effect.

14. Dont pick choices from 1-31. Scroll up, if u see text like this. 

OOM Grouping Fixes ARE in Effect!
That means the boot script ran!

Current Values MATCH Prior SuperCharge!
That means that it's working! 
Current minfrees = 6,12,75,90,95,125 mb
Prior V6 minfrees= 6,12,75,90,95,125 mb
Nitro Lag Nullifier is Installed!

You're good! Enjoy More Snappy Galaxy Y.


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