How to change Icons Using Ninjamorph

Are you a risktaker in making developments on your phone? do you want to change the design of you android phone How about icons , album art and and lot more why don't you use this android application for modifying your phone this is called ninja morph, what does it do?  NinjaMorph allows you to Modify system apk's and jars right from your phone without ever hooking up a PC.

In this post i will show some steps to change you icons of your phone first you need The FF:


1. Root
2. Debugging must be turned on
3. Busybox app by stericson
4. Ninjamorph app by stericson
5. (Optional) Astro File Manager
6 .Png Files of icons you want to use

Now open NINJAMORPH, click START CHECKS, then click NEW PROJECT. Scroll down and click on SYSTEM folder, click FRAMEWORK, then click FRAMEWORK-RESAPK, and your current framework will be extracted.

Now, click RES folder, click DRAWABLE-HDPI, and scroll down to stat_notify_alarm.png, this is where the notification icon .pngs start. Click the .png you want to change out. For this example we'll use the stat_notify_alarm.png, click on it. Then it'll take us to the root of the SD card, so we scroll down to the ANDROID THEMES folder, then click on the RES folder, click DRAWABLE-HDPI, and scroll down to the stat_notify_alarm.png and click on it. if it is the correct .png you want to switch out click YES on the window that pops up. Repeat for all the pngs you want to change.

When finished, click the blue BACK ARROW to get to the app main screen. Click FINISH PROJECT, click FRAMEWORK-RESAPK. It will compile the new framework.res. Then click YES, YES, OK, NO. If you can't click on the NO in the last window that's ok, the phone will reboot anyway. Once the phone comes back on, you will have your new icons.

To make additional changes just open NINJAMORPH and click EXISTING PROJECT to change more icons.

Download Now:  Google play

Some Screen Shoot will be posted soon so Stay Tuned


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