How to Flash Galaxy Y to 2.3.6 Asian Firmware via Odin

If you did something wrong with your galaxy y when you are flashing.
Here is the Easiest way on How to Flash Galaxy Y to 2.3.6 Asian Firmware via Odin. This is the solution when you already brick your phone. Please read and follow instructions carefully. This will bring your phone back to its original firmware and solve your problem.

Step 1

# Download odin .. download here..

# Download 2.3.6 Asian Firmware here

# Extract the two files above

# Open Odin3 v1.85.exe.

Note: for -window 7. Run as Admin

# Input file PIT <<--- totoro_0623.pit

# For the Files [Download], input firmware files

* For the bootloader select <<--- BOOT_S5360DXKJ1_REV05.tar

* To select <<--- PDA_S5360DXKJ3_REV05.tar PDA

* To select <<--- MODEM_S5360DXKJ1_REV05.tar PHONE

* To select <<--- CSC GT-S5360-MULTI-CSC-OLBKJ2.tar

Step 2

Turn Galaxy Young in a state of Download Mode

* Turn off Galaxy Young

* Unplug Battery SIMcard + + miniSD (optional)

* Replace Battery

* Then press and hold the volume down + power + home

* Press up until there is a warning and underneath there is an option

# --->> Option to download the volume up = & mode = reset the volume down

# Press the volume up and then will go into download mode

Step 3

* Prepare a data cable

# Connect to USB gYoung, and wait for the response in Odin

Prior to massage the Start button, make sure the Re-Partition, Auto Reboot, F. Reset Time ticked.

Step 4

# If already, massage the Start button and pray

# Never unplug the data cable in this process

# Wait until there are readings PASS

#Flashing is finished, gYoung restarts itself (should unplug the data cable)

# Do not forget --->> Hard Reset * 2767 * 3855 #.

# Welcome to The young become 2.3.6


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